Christmas ’round the corner

Early December and Christmas decorations are already piling up everywhere. I mean, it is definitely no uncommon a thing, but here chez moi we don’t really put up ornaments and garlands and all that stuff until the month’s first fortnight is over. Yeah, we’re a bunch of lazy bums and procrastinators.

But leaving it all to the last minute does not mean that we haven’t started preparing. I’m in the process of making some tree ornaments and I still want to make a different wreath for our front door, even though I haven’t really decided how it’d be.

I’ve been looking for inspiration in some magazines and found really cute stuff on Martha Stewart Living’s last issue. I would love to have the winter issue of Marie Claire Idées, as well, but the fall one got here in Brazil only a couple weeks ago, so I don’t have any hopes that this holidays’ one will be here any time before January. That’s a pity but I’ll leave the projects in it for next year.

Anyway, I’ve found many great ideas not only for decorations, but also for gifts on Martha Stewart’s mag and thought I could post some of them this week. This is my favourite idea from december’s MSL:

Loved this paper tree adornments. Simple, yet cute. They are very much easy to make and will look totally adorable on an empty mantlepiece or something like that. All you need to make ’em is green cardboard, wooden skewers, hot-glue gun and spools to be the base.


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