A special gift guide

Thimble’s has this great holiday gift guide up on their site. Even though the entire list consists of goodEGG (their own shop) products, the ideas are definitely worth having a good look at. The products are very beautiful, but I’d have to have ordered them quite a few weeks ago in order to have everything here by now. So, it does not work for me in that way, but it is surely a source of inspiration if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your vintage-lover friend, say.


The number of the beast

Not that this is very much interesting, but I just had my 666th visitor this week and it was none other than, well, me. Yay!
Here is the screenshot to prove (as if you’re interested at all, duh):


Shopping for buttons

Earlier this week, I went a-shopping for buttons. That’s right, buttons! I wanted to make the earrings I wrote about  a few days ago, here. So I went and bought this terribly adorable and colourful buttons. I wanted some yellow ones, too, but they only had ’em in a very light tone of yellow, a very putting-off kind of colour, in my opinion. Anyway, I bought them and will try making the project as soon as possible.

(I know the earrings I showed were way more cheerful, but I kind of liked the idea of mixing navy blue with pinks and reds and purples. So, my earrings will be a little bit more… hum, somber, maybe?)


Bringin’ snow to the Tropics and felt ornaments

Yesterday was a crafty day. Actually, I had a crafty afternoon, since I procrastinated all morning. Anyway, I was adamant in finishing most of the ornaments by the end of the day. There wasn’t really a lot to do, it’s just that I’m a terrible lazy bum, so I figured it would take me the whole afternoon to call it a day.  So I embroidered and sew and applied the starched tissue on the back of my felt trees. I also started a crocheted ornaments’ project, with instructions from this CraftStylish post. I’ve used two different yarns and hooks, so I ended up with, surprise, two different size of ornaments. They’re totally cute, even though I’m not sure if they are going to the tree due to the huge amount of things that are already supposed to be on it.

Today will be one more busy day, with little time for crafts, but I really wanna try and make it snow in here. No, I’m not crazy, I’m really hoping for a snowstorm in São Paulo, even if it is fake and only exists in my bedroom. The idea was “borrowed” from CraftStylish’s contributor Jeffery Rudell and will, hopefully, delight my tropical family. You can find details on how to do it HERE, but I can already tell ya that the whole process is supa-dupa easy. I firmly believe that this is one of those things that is ready before you even know it!

So, I’ll let you all with some nice pics from my last crafty burst.

Felt everything! Ornaments for the tree and little trees for decorating other spaces. Oh, the big star is probably this year’s tree-topper. I hope it looks good up there.

Crochet ornaments unfinished. I only wanted to make as much as possible in the shortest time, so I left the weaving in for later.


Crafting with paper

I love paper crafts, but I’m not very good in scrapbooking. Actually, I’m pretty terrible in it. Therefore, in order to calm down my inner needs for messing with paper, I have to search and come up with different techniques and projects. I mean, I’d love to have the ability to put together a wonderful scrapbook, but I just don’t have it in me. So I was checking out some recent projects that involve paper and thought I should post some links here for anyone who’s interested.

I never really cared much about quilling, specially after seeing a couple of terrible projects on one Brazilian magazine. This beautiful ornament, however, made me change my mind. Make this gorgeous paper snowflake with the tutorial from Reese Dixon’s blog. (via Folding Trees, whip up and craftzine)

Simple and cute paper balls for crafting up your tree. The cool thing here is to use the kind of paper they used, the one with one patterned side. I think the big one with the little flowers on the inside is just beautiful! From Design Sponge. (via whip up)

Easy-to-make origami stars. Check the step-by-step instructions over at Zen Crafting. (via Folding Trees and craftzine)

Want flowers that will last (almost) forever? Try out this tutorial from Dozi Design. (via Creature Comforts and whip up)

Lovely paper chandelier. A bit of glitter and some beads will give it a more sparkling look! Made by Cheeky Magpie. (via craftzine)

Kusudama is an origami paper ball, kind of. Read all about it and learn how to make one in Folding Trees – there are two parts and you can find the link for the final one in the end of the post. (via craftzine)

A little bit more complicated, but still on a quite basic level, you can find these great 3D stars by High Hopes. (via craftzine)

A very simple ornament like this one made by Domesticali can become quite adorable when you mix the right coulours or use special paper, like the sheet music.


Cake and felt ornaments: done!

And so I made the cake. It turned out just as delicious as I had predicted and, the best thing, it is HUGE. My mom had some friends over on Saturday , which means we’ve been eating it since then and it is still not over! There’s a bit less than half of it and I’m starting to think that it might never end. That is some comforting idea, let me tell you! I made only one small alteration to the recipe: the flaked coconut wasn’t toasted at all. It’s not that I don’t like it that way, but I was feeling very lazy and just couldn’t bother to do it. I mean, I had been up since six thirty that morning after sleeping only four hours, so I wasn’t really up to the whole thing. Next time I make it, wanna try using dulce de leche. Oh, it’s gonna be unbelievably good, I betcha.

Oh, I finally got my camera back and photographed some of the lovely ornaments I’ve been making. These are cute little felt mittens with embroidery all over ’em. They were wuite easy to make and I really like the embroidered effect. I also wish I could tell ya that the diference in size of the star-type thingies was made on pirpose, but this would be a big fat lie. Well, what to do? I suck at freehand actions of all sort. Spontaneity is definitely no friend of mine. I still have a lot of these to finish, so I’ll show the complete batch once eveything’s ready, ok?