Ideas for gift-wrapping

There were a million things I’d like to share here, but I just have no time. I’m taking some courses in Bergman’s movies and Russian theatre and those take up all my day. So, I’m sorry, but the tutorials on notebooks and ornaments will only be possible next week.

In the mean time, I found some really cool ideas for gift-wrapping on Bugs and Fishes. She uses pompoms and beautiful cake ribbon. Definitely worth seeing it! Click on each image to be take to her posts.


4 thoughts on “Ideas for gift-wrapping

  1. Quando eu penso que você agora que você esta afastada da vida de trabalho e penso que você vai descansar HORRORES te descubro mais nerd-dona-de-casa AINDA, Dri! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Você deveria aprender a fazer mais docinhos também, fica a dica! 😉

    Saudade! :*

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