A prelude to bookbinding

I’ve been wanting to try and make handbound books, but to kind of get started, I thought it would be better to make a couple using glue. My brother made a sketchbook for his drawings using this quite easy technique and it turned out great, really. So I bugged him a little bit ’til he had told me exactly what he had used and how he had done it. Tomorrow I’ll give it a try and show you the finished object.

Now, some pictures of his work. I think it looks pretty good for something he had never done before. Loved it, really.


Oh, and he was going for a “raw” look, so he used scraps from magazines and newspapers to decorate the cover and did not hide the book’s spine. I really liked the eay he blend the scraps. First time I saw it in his bedroom, I thought it was something he had bought, honest!

notepad_prev03 notepad_prev02


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