New bangs

I thought I was over my obssession with bangs, but, nooo! I woke up in the mood for change so before lunch something in me had changed: my hair! Once again, I have lovely bangs. Well, at least I think they’re lovely even though they’re a bit too long for my taste. I’m actually feeling a bit like Suri Cruise when she had those really long bangs and everybody could only wonder how she was supposed to see through that. I only wish I was that cute, too. Anyway, hopefully I’ll go see some pro soon to make it right.

Well, this was quite a lousy post. Sorry, just had to get that out of my chest. 😉

(by the way, check Suri’s old – or not? – hairstyle and her crazy bangs here!)


One thought on “New bangs

  1. awww! What a cute post! You are so cute and I love the bangs! And they do totally remind me of Suri! I love the zipper pouch down below too! To bad we aren’t neighbors, I have about 100 zippers! LOL!

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