Lost and found

I’m constantly coming accross very nice sites or tutorials in my wanderings over the net, which is just great. But the bad thing is I have this terrible habit of using any small paper that’s in my view to jot down the address. Of course I end up losing many of them or even forgetting all about some great and easy projects or recipes because the little paper with its location is in the middle of a hundred others.

So, yesterday I was going through the contents of a purse I haven’t used for quite some time and found one interesting project: a pencil case made entirely of zippers! It came from a Brazilian blog called Kanten. It was published on September, not so long ago, huh! Anyway, it is such a fun idea to make AND carry around. I’m definitely going out tomorrow to buy some coulourful zippers. You can see below a picture taken from the blog.


And since we’re talking about pencil cases, I thought I’d share this cute idea from Craft Leftovers. Originally, it is a hook clutch, but I quite loved the design and think it can be easily altered into a pencil case. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Click on the link above to got to the page where you can find a pdf file with instructions for the project.

hookclutch2_craftleftovers hookclutch_craftleftovers


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