Book: The big-ass book of crafts

bigassbookofcrafts_coverThe big-ass book of crafts is one helluva book. Not just size-wise, no.  I mean, it having over 150 projects certainly influenced me on buying it. But what really drew me to it is the fact that it covers very different craft areas, kind of like The crafter culture handbook, one of my other favourite craft books. “Written” by Mark Montano, who’s one of the designers for TLC’s While You Were Out, this book is really chock-full with great ideas. Just take a look below (in the end of the post) to see some of my fave.

It is very true that I did not like at all a few of the projects, specially those papier-mache ones. I kinda hate this technique with all my heart since I was a kid, so I guess there’s no way I’ll ever like something that’s made in this way. But even strongly disliking some of the projects, I totally loved most of ’em and can really see myself doing a couple in a ver near future.

Overall, I think it’s a great book for crafters who want to diversify a bit and don’t really know how or where to start. Unlike some, it does not bring detailed info on the different techniques used, so don’t buy it thinking you’ll find that kind of specifics. But the thing is no project requires you being highfully skilled, so you won’t really miss knowing more.

bigassbookofcrafts 001 bigassbookofcrafts 003 bigassbookofcrafts 004
bigassbookofcrafts 007 bigassbookofcrafts 005 bigassbookofcrafts 008
bigassbookofcrafts 002 bigassbookofcrafts 009

Projects shown above: 3D blossom box; bound books; baby head paperweight; spray-painted envelopes; punk plates; bubble stationery and envelopes; special toothpaste; giant octopus.


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