After changing from Blogspot to WordPress, I decided to make still one more improvement: this blog is now called The Annotated Life and will be written in English. This decision was taken because most blogs I visit nowadays are not from Brazil and I want to have some kind of social intercourse with the owners of my fave places over the net. Also, the name change signals to my wish of making it really into something less craft-oriented. I mean, crafts are still gonna be the big theme ’round here, but I don’t wanna feel weird about making a musical post, for example.

I’ll try to post translations of each text in smaller print at the end, but this really depends on how much free time I’ll have at the time.


2 thoughts on “Ch-ch-changes

  1. Hallo Nana! Hopping over from your comment on my blog. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll be ’round your neck of the wood, too, now that I’ve discovered you’re a musical 😉 crafter too! I’m digging in to the rest of your blog now! 🙂

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