On creative blocks and creative ipod cases

So, after writing for the last couple days, I’ve come to a point where I cannot squeeze anything else out of my brains. I’m creatively blocked and, to make matters worse, I have to hand in my last work today, at 4 pm. I’m oh-so-damned.

I even tried to surf the ‘net looking for inspiration and words and possibly the whole effing text ready (j/k), but I only came accross this totally insane and adorable tutorial on how to revamp an old book and make it into a ipod holder. Seriously, it is a great idea, even though it does not help me at all. Click on the image to be taken to the tut page over Student Hacks. Found via whip up.


So many projects…

… so little time.

I have so much stuff to do, it ain’t even funny. But I’ve taken up a few freelance works, so my life will be all work and no play ’til tomorrow, when I hand in the last one of it. Of course, as I am working on the computer, I’m also downloading some Criminal Minds episodes, because I’ve became quite an eager fan of it over the last months.

Anyway, as I could not engage in my favourite activities (knitting, reading and sorting out craft materials), I gave myself a little break last Sunday and made a batch of necklaces. Finally, mys store’s first collection seems to be taking flight. There are only a few of them, after all, I had a small break, but, hopefully, I’ll be able to make more soon. See some of ’em below and tell me what you guys think!


Ideas for gift-wrapping

There were a million things I’d like to share here, but I just have no time. I’m taking some courses in Bergman’s movies and Russian theatre and those take up all my day. So, I’m sorry, but the tutorials on notebooks and ornaments will only be possible next week.

In the mean time, I found some really cool ideas for gift-wrapping on Bugs and Fishes. She uses pompoms and beautiful cake ribbon. Definitely worth seeing it! Click on each image to be take to her posts.


M is for Magic: an amateur’s review

Even thoug I was never a fan of Sandman, I eventually learned to appreciate Neil Gaiman’s work, specially when I found out all his novels and short stories. I’m much more connected to the written word, so it was definitely easier for me to enjoy his lengthy books than the comics with all those images and so little text. That said, M is for Magic was a bit desappointing. Quite a few short stories in it are a bit weak, I guess. I really liked most of the plots he created, but I think some would be better off in a novel. And it is not that he creates such a rich universe in each piece that it deserves to be expanded, no. I just felt that there were so many loose ends in the stories that you could not really enjoy and understand them as they were. There is an introduction in which he says that some of those were written in the beginning of his career as an author, so that may explain. Or maybe I’m just not smart at all.

The thing is I expected more because I’ve read amazing things by him before. American Gods has to be, hands down, one of my favourite books by a contemporary author. The universe he created for this book is so rich, the structure so intrincate… There’s not one single thing I disliked about it. And the whole thing is not about me not liking his short stories. Smoke and Mirrors is another great book by Gaiman and is full of this kind of work. (By the way, a few of the stories in this book are also in M is for Magic. I don’t really know which came first, though.) In each one of them plot, structure and development are way better constructed, and are more than enjoyable.

Anyway, I would not be making justice to the book it if I did not say that, actually, more than half of it is quite great. And the good stories end up making amends for the bad ones. The one about chivalry and the other that takes characters from nursery rhymes are just amazing. After reading them, I felt totally depressed for not having that kind of imagination myself. Unfortunately, the weak links there kinda made me not feel so strongly about this book.

But If someone is interested in book suggestions, I’d recommend American Gods, Smoke and Mirrors and Coraline. This last one is also remarkable and will be released as an animation next February, with Dakota Fanning’s voice. I believe it is intended to a much younger audience than his usual, but it is not a silly little thing that will only please kids. I had great fun reading it, as well as some of my friends. The story is brilliant and some of the illustrations were scary enough even for me. But then, I’m just a very grown-up kid. =)


Random fun/cute images

Got a full day ahead of me and just won’t be able to post the making of that notebook I was talking about yesterday. So, as to not let this day go by without a little something in here, I’m posting a few fun or cute images I found over the ‘net. Enjoy and have a nice Friday, y’all!

Cute banner from Don’t touch my moleskine, via We heart it.

Wooden bookmark from Beacon Bookmarks, via ffffound.

Lovely bracelets from Le Blog de Betty.

Creative food manipulations from Dark Roasted Blend, via Craftzine.

La femme à table – adolescence, from Penelope Jolicoeur.


A prelude to bookbinding

I’ve been wanting to try and make handbound books, but to kind of get started, I thought it would be better to make a couple using glue. My brother made a sketchbook for his drawings using this quite easy technique and it turned out great, really. So I bugged him a little bit ’til he had told me exactly what he had used and how he had done it. Tomorrow I’ll give it a try and show you the finished object.

Now, some pictures of his work. I think it looks pretty good for something he had never done before. Loved it, really.


Oh, and he was going for a “raw” look, so he used scraps from magazines and newspapers to decorate the cover and did not hide the book’s spine. I really liked the eay he blend the scraps. First time I saw it in his bedroom, I thought it was something he had bought, honest!

notepad_prev03 notepad_prev02


New bangs

I thought I was over my obssession with bangs, but, nooo! I woke up in the mood for change so before lunch something in me had changed: my hair! Once again, I have lovely bangs. Well, at least I think they’re lovely even though they’re a bit too long for my taste. I’m actually feeling a bit like Suri Cruise when she had those really long bangs and everybody could only wonder how she was supposed to see through that. I only wish I was that cute, too. Anyway, hopefully I’ll go see some pro soon to make it right.

Well, this was quite a lousy post. Sorry, just had to get that out of my chest. 😉

(by the way, check Suri’s old – or not? – hairstyle and her crazy bangs here!)