New camera!

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My camera was getting a bit old, so I decided to get a new one before going on a one-month trip. I thought about getting a basic DSLR, but after a lot of thought, I came to the conclusion that, even though I wish I knew how to take nice pictures, I’m no photographer, not even an amateur one. So I got the camera below, a Canon Powershot SX210 IS.

Basically, I wanted a simple digital camera that could be easily taken everywhere and performed as good as possible in low light and at night. Oh, and good colour rendition was another concern. After a lot of reasearch online and checking it in the shop, I was convinced that this was the best for me; as simple as it is, it does enable me to control shutter speed and aperture, and it has some other nice features. Already tested it and, so far, so good!


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So I watched Inception a week ago and now I’m a little bit obsessed.

Just a tiny little bit. But, then, who can blame me? Anyway, here are some goods for others like me…

#A nice featurette:

#Prequel comic written by one of the producers:

#Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ellen Page talk about the movie (two different interviews):

# Behind the scenes footage:

Reading companion

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As I dearly love reading, bookmarks are objects that I definitely pay attention to. My favourite ones, so far, have been the most basic, plain ones, made out of cardboard and with some interesting drawing or pattern printed on it. But while souvenir-hunting in Paris a few weeks ago, I came across this adorable little quotation mark (maybe a comma?) at Pylones and couldn’t resist buying it. In fact, I bought one more to send to my mother, and she loved it, too!

As lovely as it is, it does squash the pages a little bit, but if it is a problem for somebody other than me, you might easily use it as any other bookmark, as it is not too thick. That’s just what I’ve been doing and I have no complaints so far.

Yarn help

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The Wikipedia article on yarn weight brings one good tool for knitters everywhere: a chart that shows you how to determine yarn weight according to the wraps per inch method and, subsequently, convert that into the -ply way of measure. It also helps in the conversion to different terminologies.

Worth taking a look at!

Found via Stitch London.

Door to nowhere

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This was saved in my drafts’ folder since before I went to France. I first came accross it while researching interesting places to visit while in Paris, but, when there, ended up completely forgetting about it, argh.

Photograph © Untapped Cities by Michelle Young

The door shown above is actually fake, meaning that it leads nowhere. The artists Julien Berthier and Simon Boudvin put it up in 30 minutes and there it rests until this very day. Well, actually I don’t know that, but I can only assume, since it stayed put for over four years (can a door not stay put? I don’t think it’d fancy stretching its joints every now and then… Yeah, so funny.). Anyway, my favourite thing in it is the number, 1bis. Despite thinking it’s utterly crazy, I love how, whenever in need of one more number in the middle of two consecutives (uh?), the French just put a bis after the immediate anterior number. May I add that both France and England’s way of numbering houses makes me quite desperate at times? Things in Brazil are definitely easier, what with the whole thing of having more or less 100m per block and having the numbers follow this system (yes, I don’t know how to explain it properly, but, believe me, it is easier to locate oneself).

To learn more about this project, click here or on the picture’s link.

Quick polish post…

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…just to show a few pictures.

Flying Dragon, Turned Up Turquoise and Ruby Pumps. The colours are not those, by the way. Tried hard, but I just couldn’t make my camera or my brother’s get the tones right. The turquoise one is particularly wrong. I blame today’s terrible lightning!

Flying Dragon on my nails. Bad photo because, well, I’m a bad photohrapher. That and also I had to photoshop it a lot to make the colour a bit more similar to the real thing. The extremely fine red and blue glitter is not apparent in any of my shots, though.

Lambada and Rainbow. Colours are more or less like shown.

Detail from Rainbow, yay! Please, please, please, search for swatches of it and you’ll see with much more ease just how flamboyantly beautiful this polish is.

From the choice of colours, it is clear that I’m not that discreet, right? I’m actually quite shy and quiet in person, so that’s probably the reason why I’m so drawn to extravagant nailwear. No need to say that my father is not really into it, is there?

Gaiman, Pratchett and the end of the world as we know it

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Despite my laziness, I’ve been reading quite a bit recently. After The Handmaid’s Tale, by Margaret Atwood, I needed something lighter and Good Omens was the best choice, really. I really love Neil Gaiman’s novels and even though I had never read anything from Terry Pratchett before, I’ve read enough good reviews to want to give him a chance (ha, I’m sooo magananimous).

Anyway, while it didn’t make me laugh like hell, it was definitely funny and worth reading. The book tells the story of the end of the world, sort of. The thing is the Antichrist is born and, eleven years later, he’s bound to bring Armaggedon around. Aziraphale, an angel, and Crowley, a demon, both quite reluctant to let a planet they like so much become history, join forces in a desperate attempt to avoid the whole thing.

Full of unbalanced (for lack of a better word) characters, Good Omens keeps you hooked until the very end, which is imperative for me nowadays, as I seem to have completely obliterated any attention span I might’ve once had. But being so fun to read has a downside, too: the book finished much too quick. Still, can’t really complain about it, as it was way easier for me to carry it around than the one I’m currently reading, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, by Susanna Clarke (more on it after I finish reading all the over a thousand pages.

Polish-obsessed, again

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Lots of things have been going on, so let’s try to update the blog little by little. Baby steps, you know?

First big news is that I finally found a place in London that carries China Glaze and OPI nail polishes. I was happy beyond reason, obviously, but I managed to hold myself and only got three bottles that were on offer: Flying Dragon, Turned Up Turquoise and Ruby Pumps, all by China Glaze (in order to check some swatches made by other bloggers, click on the name of the polish). Using Flying Dragon right now (pretty-pretty-pretty!), but as I’ve had some trouble with my camera, no pictures of it are available as of now.

And as I was looking for swatches of those three to decide which one I was going to use first, I came upon this wonderful flakie:

image from steph’s closet

It is from Danish brand Gosh, found on Superdrug. As I had to go out anyway to buy a topcoat (the one I brought from Brazil is sorta off, after so many months without use), I decided to kill two birds with one shot only. Fortunately, I found it, but, unfortunately, it was part of a offer so I HAD to bring home a second colour – Lambada (the forbidden dance, according to an incredibly bad early 90s movie), a beautiful red. They also have this interesting holographic polish, but I couldn’t find it today. The quest, therefore, continues.

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